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Separating and lubrication agent on metallic basis developed according to the most recent findings in tribology.


  • Effective at temperatures from -180° (C, F) to +1300°C (2,372°F)
  • anti-oxidation additive with wear reducing and corrosion preventing inhibitors
  • excellent long-term protection against seizing
  • resistant against moisture, spray and salt water
  • protects against corrosion and is water repellent
  • pressure-resistant, strongly adhesive, does not gum up
  • eliminates squealing, noise dampening
  • increases sealing effect
  • prevents freezing, seizing and fusing.
  • biodegradable – easily degradable according to OECD 301 B

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BSS Brake Service Spray

High-performance compound on a metallic basis for disc and drum brakes.

400 ml spray for brakes on rail vehicles, cars, trucks, motorbikes and bikes.

The solid lubricant components are pressed into the pores of the metallic surface by the mechanical movement of the brake parts. The coating that results provides excellent protection against the penetration of water, dirt and salt.


  • Prevents brake squeal without the braking effect change
  • Temperature resistant from -30°C to +1300°C
  • dissipates heat
  • Prevents the seizure of the brake shoes or pads
  • Prevents uneven wear of the brakes
  • Extends the lifetime of the brake shoes or pads
  • Reduces the formation of brake dust
  • Prevents blocking of the brake jaws
  • Increases braking security
  • Facilitates dismantling.

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High temperature ceramic paste for brake systems. Fitting and release paste.

200 ml two-chamber pressure can with brush adapter.

CeramACE used worldwide for the treatment of brakes during installation and service. It contains more than 30% solid lubricant on a ceramic basis. This prevents tribocorrosion and produces an outstanding separation effect up to 1’600°C.


  • Temperature resistant from -20°C to + 1600 °C
  • resistant to salt water, acids and alkalis
  • water repellent, protects against corrosion and does not become gummy
  • resists fretting corrosion
  • prevents seizure and bonding
  • high pressure absorption, is adherent, and guarantees long-term lubrication
  • reduces noise
  • noise abatement during braking
  • elastomers, rubber and plastic will not be stressed
  • effective during the entire service life of brake shoes and disks.

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