Railway and Wheel Application
IGRALUB offers wheel and rail lubrications systems from one source. This guarantees one contact person, compliant systems and lubricants that are effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. We provide support throughout all phases of a project, from problem identification and analysis to planning, engineering, after-sales and maintenance.


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Lubrication systems must assure the following

The application of the Lubricant must
– at a specific location (inner or outer rail in a curve, top-of-rail/rail sides)
– at a specific time and for a specific duration (hours / daily use)
 – in a controlled quantity.

spray systems


System TrainSys-AL
TOR Control

Mobile spray systems

for railhead wheel flange

The spraying systems are installed in the trains, which are controlled by high-end GPS computers and spray the special lubricants from IGRALUB directly onto the rail head. When the pre-programmed position is reached, the computer detects this and sends a signal to the spraying device.

With this technology, a complete coverage of the track can be achieved with relatively low investment costs.

Lubrication systems


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Stationary rail lubrication systems

for punctual and efficient use

Stationary high-end rail lubrication systems fulfil all criteria which are a prerequisite for lubrication systems. They are used to protect critical track sections in the network against wear and to effectively prevent noise.
They consist of high-quality individual components and are very simple and modular in design. This allows a tailor-made, customer-specific design with low costs and highest quality at the same time.
The exact dosing of the smallest quantities of the biodegradable lubricant (0.25ccm per lubrication point!) enables highly efficient lubrication with the most economical discharge quantities.
The Swiss high-tech lubricants from IGRALUB are specially designed for these systems.


TOR GPS control for mobile spray systems

Manual control